- Rice And Sanes

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many criminal cases won and resolved favorably by Robert t. rice attorney

  • State V. Taylor - Murder - Not Guilty - Brazoria County, TX
  • State V. Pavlik -Manslaughter -Hung Jury/Dismissed-FT. Bend County, TX
  • State V. Assady-Murder-Not Guilty-Harris County, TX
  • State V. Conley-Agg.Sex Abuse-Not Guilty-Brazoria County, TX
  • State V. Johnson-Murder-Dismissed/Reduced To Tampering-Matagorda
  • State V. "Choco"-Burglary Habitation-Not Guilty-Matagorda CTY,TX
  • State V. Byrd-Cont. Agg Sex Abuse-Not Guilty-Matagorda, TX
  • State V. Edwards-Strangulation -Not Guilty-Matagorda CTY,TX
  • State V. "Post office Bandit" (LINEUP)-Not Guilty-Brazoria County, TX
  • State V. Burglary Bldg. (FINGERPRINTS)-Not Guilty-Galveston CTY,TX
  • Misdemeanor Dwi Cases-Not Guilty-Brazoria County ,TX
  • Misdemeanor Assault Cases-Not Guilty-Brazoria County, TX

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